What Is Divine Dowsing?

It’s all about energy. Energy is all around us. You can’t see it, taste it, hear it, feel it or smell it, but it’s there. It has an effect on everything you think and do. Yet, even though it’s invisible, this powerful force can be directed to work for you.


Dowsing is a method used to detect the different kinds of energy around us. How does it work? Using tools such as dowsing rods or pendulums, a trained dowser can pick up on various electric or magnetic fields. Scientists have been trying for years to quantify these findings and have been unable to do so. But the anectodal  success that dowsers have had in the  hundreds of years of its existence is proof that dowsing is real. I put it in simple terms: It’s magic and it works.


Through the centuries, the most common use for dowsing was to find water. For this purpose dowsers would use hickory branches shaped in a “Y” and would walk a property until the stick would turn down to the ground. This indicated the presence of underground water.


But it’s not the only use. Through dowsing, we also have the ability to measure different types of energy surrounding us. Through the ‘cures’ used in the process, we can use these findings to block out negative energies and to enhance positive energies.


My dowsing process can measure the relative energy of your living space and identify these types of energies:

Geopathic Stress – Natural energy that comes from the earth. Sources include underground water, fault lines, and variables in earth subsoils.

Interference Lines – Man made energy caused by such forces as television and radio waves, telephone lines, satellites and cell phones.

Personal Lines – Energy lines that affect only you personally.

Hartmann and Curry Lines – Natural magnetic  energy lines that circumnavigate the earth that were discovered by the scientists Dr. Ernst Hartmann and Dr. Manfred Curry.

Vortexes – Concentrated areas of energy that can be either positive or negative.


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